After 4 years of agenting at other people's companies, Elana Roth opened Red Tree Literary in early 2012 to continue working with a select list of children's and young adult authors with the mission of being more select, more picky, more specialized. Instead of increasing volume of projects to account for decreasing advances (and therefore commissions), Red Tree aims to work with the right people on the right projects. Each person will get the attention they need. Each project will be meticulously chosen, and given its due, even when that means defying conventions.

Translation and audio rights are managed by Kathleen Ortiz at New Leaf Literary: kortiz [at] newleafliterary [dot] com. For film, television, or any other rights information, please contact Elana directly: elana [at] redtreeliterary [dot] com.

PLEASE NOTE: Red Tree Literary is currently CLOSED to submissions.

About Elana

How Elana fell in love with children's content is a long story that begins by sheer dumb luck with an internship at Nickelodeon Magazine. Books followed when she began working as an editor at Parachute Publishing, where she spent 5 years learning the publishing ropes on series for kids of all ages (and that includes some adults). She switched to agenting in 2008.

Educationally, Elana is a graduate of Barnard College and the Jewish Theological Seminary, where she earned degrees in English literature and Bible. Surprisingly, it's that second degree which comes more in handy when trying to make conversation at cocktail parties. She blogs rather inconsistently at