THE ELITE Debuts at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List

Utterly fantastic news for Kiera Cass. THE ELITE has debuted at #1 on the New York Times's Young Adult bestseller list for the week of May 12th (mark the date so you can see it in print). Not only that, but THE SELECTION is sitting happily at #14 on the extended list. 

To add some cherries on top, THE ELITE also hit #8 on the IndieBound list, and #12 on USA Today's general list. All in all, an excellent first week on sale.

Major congratulations to Kiera! We're just ecstatic and can't wait to see what happens next.  

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Red Tree is Closing to Submissions

While I'm sure it seems like I just reopened the agency to submissions, I am closing to them once again. This is always a tough decision, because of the promise of a great new client right around the corner, but often it's unavoidable. The reasons are varied, but largely have to do with available time. And as I pride myself on having a small, select list of authors, I need to give them as much of that time as I have available. 

Submissions will officially close on FRIDAY, APRIL 19TH. Any submissions received after that date will receive an auto-reply explaining the new status. Any submissions received prior to that date will still be considered and responded to appropriately. 

Thanks for your understanding and best of luck with your search!

A New Series for Kiera Cass

Exciting news for Kiera Cass—a brand-new series! We're about two years away from the  project hitting shelves, so it's good you have the next two Selection novels to look forward to before then. Here's a little more from PW

Erica Sussman at HarperTeen has acquired a new series by Kiera Cass, author of The Selection. In the as-yet-untitled YA romance, which was pitched as Matched meets Never Let Me Go, children trained in academies to be perfect friends can be purchased by the wealthy as companions, and a forbidden romance ensues. Elana Roth of Red Tree Literary negotiated the two-book deal for world English rights. 

And a little extra from Publishers Marketplace:

Brazilian rights to YA Seguinte/Companhia das Letras, in a pre-empt, for two books, by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency, in association with Kathleen Ortiz at New Leaf Literary & Media on behalf of Elana Roth.

Congrats, Kiera!

THE PRINCE is on sale now


Haven't you always wanted to know what guys are actually thinking? Good news! Kiera Cass has gone straight into the mind of Prince Maxon in her new e-novella, THE PRINCE, on sale today. Sound great? Of course it does. And it's also a perfect tide-you-over until THE ELITE hits shelves on April 23rd :)

Here are a few places you can get your e-copy:

What are you waiting for? Go forth and enjoy!


Now's your chance to win an ARC of Kiera Cass's THE ELITE months before the book hits shelves. There are a number of ways to enter the giveaway below, and only 3 ARCs available,  so have fun with it! I might just throw in some SELECTION bookmarks. Just please note that all entries require a US mailing address. Good luck!

Red Tree is Now Open to Submissions

Hello, everyone! This announcement has been a long time coming. So long in fact, that I decided to bundle it up in this package of a beautiful new website and send it all out into the world at the same time.

Red Tree Literary has officially reopened to submissions. 

This is both a fun development but also a risky proposition for me. A key value of mine as an agent is to keep my list small enough and curated enough so that I'm able to give every project the attention it deserves. So with that in mind, I'm still going to be extra, super picky about the projects I sign. Which means the burden is on you, dear reader, to consider whether your project aligns well with the Red Tree list before submitting. I'm going to help you out a bit, and give you some tips on what I'd like to see right now:

  • Strong hooks, please. A twist on reality is always welcome, as is inventive sci-fi or fantasy. But above all else, I am a plot-driven person. Take me along for an amazing ride. 
  • Vivid, three-dimensional characters and voices. I want to read people and feel like I know them. I always like characters with unique points of view and especially those in interesting settings that add to their world view.
  • Intrigue and atmospheric settings, whether gothic or mystical or luxurious. Give me ambiance and rich scenery.
  • Something ambitious in subject that still begs to be devoured by a teen audience.
  • Middle grade! Middle grade that does what YA has been doing lately. Different viewpoints, new adventures, new mysteries, new friendships, new challenges. But impeccable writing.

If you think you're in the ballpark, please see the submissions page for a full list of directions and guidelines and follow them closely. Can't wait to see what you have for me!

Turkish and Italian Rights for THE SELECTION

Two new territories for our list! From Publishers Marketplace:

Turkish rights to Kiera Cass's THE SELECTION, to Dogan Egmont, in a three-book deal, at auction, by Bengu Ayfer at Akcali Copyright Agency, in association with Kathleen Ortiz at New Leaf Literary & Media on behalf of Elana Roth of Red Tree Literary.

Italian rights to Kiera Cass's THE SELECTION, to Sperling & Kupfer, by Mariavittoria Puccetti atLuigi Bernabo Associates, in association with Kathleen Ortiz at New Leaf Literary & Media on behalf of Elana Roth of Red Tree Literary